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  • Bollinger Rose Champagne 75cl 12%
    Bollinger Rose 75cl 12% The Special Cuvee Rose Champagne is a powerfully structured wine with a clear, crisp expression through an ample mouth delicates releases of a complex palette of flavours over a long time. blends the flavours of Raspberry, blackberry and gooseberry alive in the mouth. Bollinger Rosé is made by adding red wine. Bollinger has always had a singular relationship with r..
    £44.95 Ex Tax:£37.45
  • Bollinger Rose NV Magnum (1.5 ltr)
    Tasting Notes: A new cuvee at Bollinger is always an event and a long story. Bollinger Rose fully belongs to the Bollinger family. Its main component is the Special Cuvee blend that has always embodied Bollinger’s style and high standards. Bollinger Rose is made by adding red wine. Bollinger has always had a singular relationship with red wine and a personal bond with neighbouring Burgundy. ..
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  • Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut 75cl 12%
    The blend, on average, consists of 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Meunier, harvested from around 30 different crus in Champagne. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes come exclusively from grands and premiers crus.The blend also includes 5 to 10% of reserve wines kept in magnum for several years in the Bollinger cellars.Special Cuvée is aged for a minimum of 3 years in the Bollinger c..
    £37.99 Ex Tax:£31.65
  • Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur 70cl
    Chambord Royale de France is the premium black raspberry liqueur which is named after the one of the most recognisable chateaux in France’s Loire Valley,owned and produced by the same family for generations, replicating the 17th century inspired recipe for over 300 years to a world class standard. The liqueur is created using the finest black and red raspberries, Madagascan vanilla and deliciou..
    £23.99 Ex Tax:£19.99
  • Dom Perignon Vintage 75cl
    Fresh, crystalline and sharp, the first nose reveals a unique vegetal, aquatic world, with hints of white pepper and gardenia. The wine's maturity then makes a gentle appearance before exhaling peaty accents. In the mouth, the attack is direct, a prelude to a lusty roundness that seem to curl up like a plant. The notes of anis and dried ginger glide over fruit skins (pear and mango), creating a..
    £144.99 Ex Tax:£120.81
  • Krug Grand Cuvee Brut 75cl
    Krug Grand Cuvée Champagne is as a symphony, a composition where all the instruments play together, complimenting each other in total harmony. The composition of this non vintage Cuvée is a stunning mosaic of flavours where the three champagne grapes, 20-25 growths and 6-10 different years, combine to give Grand cuvée its complexity, elegance and consistency year after year, blend after..
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  • Lanson Black Label Brut 75cl 12.5%
    Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne is a respected Non-Vintage Brut champagne, universally appreciated for its classic, fresh and elegant style. It has hints of spring flowers with a touch of toast and honey, followed by strong fruit and balancing citrus flavours. Lanson Black Label was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1860 by Queen Victoria. Lanson was founded in 1760 and is one of the oldest G..
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  • Lanson Brut Rose Label Champagne 75cl 12.5%
    Lanson was one of the first brands to offer Rosé Champagne. In this respect, the House has over 50 years experience. Rosé derives its pink tint from the blending of the 3 classic grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. It is produced in the traditional way with a small amount of fine red wine made exclusively from Pinot Noir to give the wine its colour. Lanson Brut Rosé ret..
    £36.99 Ex Tax:£30.82
  • Lanson Ivory Label Demi-Sec NV Champagne 75cl (Gift Pack)
    Lanson Ivory Label is a demi-sec champagne that's soft, round and rich in style, with all the potent qualities of the Lanson style of richness and intense freshness on the palate.   ..
    £36.99 Ex Tax:£30.82
  • Lanson White Label NV 75cl - Personalise Your Bottle
    Faithful to the Lanson House style, the champagne is fresh, zesty and refreshing but has a softer, off dry character that makes it dangerously drinkable. White Label is a more informal style of champagne suitable for any occasion and for drinking at any time of day.  It’s sweeter style permits experimenting with fruit additives. ..
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  • Laurent Perrier Brut 75cl 12%
    Laurent Perrier has become one of the great Champagne names by achieving a consistently high standard. This delightful wine has a pale golden colour and fine citrus notes in the bouquet, confirmed on the palate, followed by a slight yeastiness and some biscuity flavours. Like all good champagne it has an exhilarating finish. Grape: 45% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meu..
    £36.99 Ex Tax:£30.82
  • Laurent Perrier Rose 75 cl £48.99 Best Price
    The Laurent Perrier Rose champagne is famous for its highly expressive bouquet, which stems from the very careful preservation of the grape's natural fresh red fruit aromas. It is one of the few rosé champagnes to be made using the maceration (skin contact) technique, which gives it the extraordinary depth and freshness. Revered by wine-lovers for its flavours and by aesthetes for the beauty of it..
    £48.99 Ex Tax:£40.82
  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier 75cl 12%
    Brut Premier non-vintage is the embodiment of Louis Roederer style, combining all the fruitiness and freshness of youth with the vinosity of a fully mature wine. This is a structured and elegantly mature wine, with a lively attack and a smooth palate. The blend is 1/3 Chardonnay and 2/3 Pinots, including 10% of reserve wines aged in oak casks for 2-5 years. The maturation is an average of thre..
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  • Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne 75cl 12%
    Cristal is a remarkably balanced and  refined champagne  whose length is inimitable. It has a silky texture and fruity aromas, complemented by a powerful mineral quality with white fruit and citrus notes. Cristal is a wine that keeps well. It can be conserved for over twenty years without losing its freshness and character. Available in 750 ml. Please note....... Stock can be without ..
    £194.99 Ex Tax:£162.47
  • Mercier Brut Rose 75cl 12%
    Mercier Brut NV Rosé Champagne's charm lies in its salmon-pink colour, its spontaneity and the fresh aromas. A blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (part of which is produced as red wine), the Brut Rosé stands out first of all for its lovely pink colour with coppery highlights. The bouquet is characteristic of red fruits of the forest. Initially mild on the palate, it opens out on to r..
    £29.99 Ex Tax:£24.99
  • Moet & Chandon Champagne in Limited Edition Bubbles Gift Box
    The world's most celebrated Champagne is brimming with effervescent indulgence that will make any special occasion something to truly cherish.   It comes in fantastic gift box with a handy carry handles, and there's no need to worry about it losing its chill - because this set features 6 golden balls filled with special cooling liquid which will keep the Champagne cool for up to an..
    £49.99 Ex Tax:£41.65
  • Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne 75cl / 12%
    A specially formulated version of Moët's famed Imperial champagne that is great when served over ice. It's well balanced and fully flavoured like the regular Imperial but will retain its intensity and reveal rich fruit even when served with an ice cube. An interesting development in the world of summery fizz. ..
    £69.99 Ex Tax:£58.32
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 20cl 12%
    A household name among the Grandes Marques, Moet is delicately vinous with a lime and vine blossom attack. The palate is medium bodied with elegant finish. Three years ageing result in a champagne of body, flavour and harmony -a classic that everyone will enjoy. Pale yellow in colour with a green hue, delicately vinous with a lime and vine blossom attack. The palate is medium bodied with pre..
    £14.99 Ex Tax:£12.49
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 75cl 12%
    Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Non Vintage Champagne was first released in 1869 and since then it has become the world leader in champagne. It’s created from three grape varieties that are blended to perfection creating a symphony on in your mouth. Moët & Chandon 1.5ltr MagnumChampagne Party CaseDeal brings you an equivalent to six 75cl bottles. Big style, big statement, big party, big..
    £32.99 Ex Tax:£27.49
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne Chiller Jacket 75cl 12%
    Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne A limited edition of Moët & Chandon champagne which comes with a golden chiller jacket, to help keep your bottle of fizz at the optimum drinking temperature, ready for enjoying, a perfect corporate gift idea.Moët et Chandon is perhaps the most famous makers of champagne in the world and their Brut Impérial is their most famous and most consumed lin..
    £42.99 Ex Tax:£35.82