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  • Snow Queen Vodka 70cl 40%
    Made with organic wheat and pure spring water from the foothills of the Himalayas, Kazakh birch charcoal is employed in the vodka’s five time distillation process. That makes it one of the highest distilled vodkas on the market making for an enviable purity and smoothness in the finished product. ..
    £35.99 Ex Tax:£29.99
  • Southern Comfort Liqueur 70cl PM
    World famous liqueur, Southern Comfort, is made by infusing peach and other fruit and spice flavours including citrus and orange tones into a bourbon base to provide the distinctive original taste of the traditional American spirit, allowing it to be enjoyed by all. The exact formula for this unique blend of ingredients still remains a secret but is used in the formation of many cocktails. ..
    £17.99 Ex Tax:£14.99
  • TALISKER SKYE 70cl  45.8%
    Rich notes of stewed apple and pear with some syrup toffee and hint of marzipan. There's somecontrolled calmed smoke puffing away in the background along with cured meat and a touch ofliquorice. Much more friendly than the..
    £36.99 Ex Tax:£30.82
  • Teachers Highland Cream Whisky 1L
    Tasting Notes: Color: Rich Amber with yellow gold highlights Nose: A deep and robust maltiness shows through at the very start that is accompanied by a gentle highland peat smoke tang. This full flavour slowly fades to allow the sweeter fruitier flavours of apples, pears and heavy honey maturity to show through. Body: Full of depth and substance. ..
    £21.99 Ex Tax:£18.32
  • Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur 70cl / 15%
    Tequila rose is a tequila based strawberry cream liqueur. Made from real dairy, this tequila based liqueur has taken the world by storm. It has a strong taste of fresh wild strawberry with a slight kick coming from the tequila, which gives this liqueur the perfect balance making it not too sweet to drink straight and perfect in a host of cocktails. The original, and number one imported stra..
    £14.99 Ex Tax:£12.49
  • The Naked Grouse (70cl, 40.0%)
    Taste Note;Nose: Smooth and oily with notes of cherry compote, buttered granary toast, malt, custard and peach. Palate: Sherried and thick with notes of sultanas, sticky toffee pudding, raspberry jam, Victoria sponge, custard and crème caramel. Finish: Medium, with notes of cocoa, oak and just a soupcon of smoke on the very tail. ..
    £26.99 Ex Tax:£22.49
  • Wray And Nephew Overproof Rum 70cl 63%
    Wray & Nephew is the top selling Jamaican rum in the world contributing to 90% of rum sales in Jamaica. The noise is fruity as it is on the palate. The crystal clear rum has hints of banana, as well as spice and a little oak. The finish is long and spiced. ..
    £25.99 Ex Tax:£21.65