World Whisky

At Whisky Hut we naturally have a large and extensive display of whisky';s from around the world. Please view our collection below. If you cannot see what you are looking for please email us.


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  • Ceylon Arrack 70cl
    Ceylon Arrack 70cl Ceylon Arrack is a spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower. This sap is the juice that would have eventually turned the coconut flower into a coconut. Collecting the sap is a timeless art handed down from one generation to another. The Ceylon 'toddy tappers' can be seen early morning atop tall coconut trees 'tight-rope walking' effortlessly from tree to tree, a..
    £29.99 Ex Tax:£24.99
  • St. Rémy French Honey Brandy Liqueur 70cl, 30%
    St. Rémy with French Honey is a sweet, comforting liqueur made with a blend of French brandy and natural honey from the South of France. Rich, floral and refined, it's a decadent treat for Summer evenings. It even combines well with popular mixers like ginger ale and cola to make lovely long drinks. St Remy French Honey is made from a base of their brandy and then blended with honey from s..
    £27.99 Ex Tax:£23.32