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  • Absolut Blue Vodka miniature 5cl 40%
    Absolut Vodka is a classic tasting vodka distilled from winter wheat. The vodka itself is made from winter wheat using approximately 80,000 metric tons of wheat annually.Absolut Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. In fact Absolut is as pure as vodka can be. Still, that purity has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and ..
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  • Bacardi Superior Rum Miniature 5cl / 37.5%
    A miniature bottle of the world's leading spirit brand Bacardi rum. Using only the highest quality of ingredients to formulate it makes it everyone’s favourite for cocktails. Bacardi superior rum originated in 1862, created by Don Facundo this was the first rum created by Bacardi and now the most popular rum in the world. When the distillery was first opened an army of fruit bats we..
    £1.99 Ex Tax:£1.66
  • Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Miniature 5cl 17%
    A minitaure of lady-friendly whisky liqueur Bailey's. Baileys Original has been lovingly crafted using the finest Irish cream and Irish Whiskey to create the original cream liqueur. Baileys Irish Cream is a classic combination of Irish whisky, fresh Irish dairy cream and the finest spirits, infused together to create a silky velvety liqueur. Produced by Gilbeys of Ireland and intro..
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  • Belvedere vodka 5cl 40%
    Belvedere Vodka The world's first super premium vodka, Belvedere represents the pinnacle of the Polish vodka-making tradition. Distilled exclusively from the finest Dankowskie Gold Rye and quadruple distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity. inish that only comes from using 100% Dankowskie Gold Rye as the single-grain ingredient. Belvedere Vodka hails from the..
    £4.99 Ex Tax:£4.16
  • Bombay Sapphire 5cl 40%
    Distilled London dry gin with hand selected exotic botanicals. The tantalising, smooth and complex taste that you experience when you sip Bombay Sapphire gin, is described as fresh citrus and juniper flavours combined with an elegant light spicy finish. The flavours of the botanicals are captured through a delicate distillation process called Vapour Infusion to give Bombay Sapphire its ..
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  • Captain Morgan Rum 5cl 40%
    Spiced, rich. Molasses and pepper. Full, warming. Stone fruits, dried peels, a hint of aniseed. Aniseed develops into the finish, honey too. World-famous dark rum named after Captain Henry Morgan, the famous Welsh swashbuckler who became the governor of Jamaica. Morgan's spiced, a brilliant dark rum and one of the world's most popular ones at that, Captain Morg..
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  • Chivas Regal 12 Year Old miniature whiskey 5Cl 40%
    Nose: Quite light, feinty. Cigar box. Fruity, spice, honey, herbal. Palate: Full, rounded, fruity, nutty, vanilla, barley. Finish: Medium, touch of honey and fruit.   Chivas Regal 12 year old Chivas is a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. This ri..
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  • Cointreau French Orange Liqueur  5cl 40%
    Cointreau has remained a renowned spirit throughout the years thanks to its perfect quality and taste. The secret recipe still involves the best hand chosen sweet and bitter oranges, the purest alcohol and water. Cointreau: an amazing drink for exceptional people. This famous French liqueur can be enjoyed neat, over ice, as a long drink or as an ingredient in many cocktails ..
    £2.59 Ex Tax:£2.16
  • Courvoisier VS Cognac 5cl Miniature  40%
    Delicious with simple mixers like ginger ale, lemonade or fruit juices and perfect for creating mouthwatering cocktails and punches.21.World-famous VS from one of the 'Big Four' producers. Outstandingly eulogized by Busta Rhymes in 'Pass the Courvoisier'. ..
    £3.49 Ex Tax:£2.91
  • Cowen Kirsch  Liqueur  miniature 5cl 25%
    Kirsch De Cuisine Cowen %cl Miniatures Liqueurs are made using fresh cherries and cherry stones intense cherry flavour 5cl miniature Traditionally made using fresh cherries and cherry stones, Cowen’s Kirsch de Cuisine liqueur is a timeless kitchen ingredient intended to transform culinary dishes with its intense cherry flavour and gentle amaretto aroma. Produced to a special cuisine recipe,..
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  • Disaronno Amaretto  Liqueur  5cl Miniature
    A hugely popular traditional digestif, Disaronno shows intense marzipan and Battenberg cake flavours on the palate - this is definitely for anyone with a sweet tooth. One of the Italy’s best selling liqueur is created from a secret blend of 17 exotic herbs, spices and fruits, including Madagascan vanilla and pure caramelised sugar, steeped apricot kernel oil for the exquisite distinct..
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  • Drambuie Whisky Liqueur 5cl Miniature 40%
    A unique Highland spirit, Drambuie is created by infusing a secret blend of aged Scottish whisky with a combination of Scottish heather honey, spices and herbs including saffron. Both are married together to create the traditional distinctive taste of Drambuie using notes of smooth oranges, cloves, honey, vanilla, fennel, angelica, bitter almonds and raisin. With aromas of spiced and honeyed wh..
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  • Glenfiddich 12 Year Old miniature 5cl 40%
    Carefully matured in the finest American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks for at least 12 years. Married and mellowed in oak marrying tuns for complete harmony of aroma and flavour. A single malt Scotch whisky with distinctive fresh pear, creamy with subtle oak flavours and a long smooth and mellow finish. The signature expression from the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch whi..
    £3.99 Ex Tax:£3.32
  • Gordon's Gin - 5cl  37.5%
    Gordon's flavour tastes strongly of juniper and lemon, with a clean aftertaste of pronounced coriander and angelica tones. The best selling brand gin, it is made with real botanicals steeped for 18 months. A miniature of ever popular British favourite, Gordon's Gin. Gordons Gin was founded by  Alexander Gordon. In 1769 Alexander founded his world famous distillery in South..
    £1.99 Ex Tax:£1.66
  • Graham's LBV Port - 5cl
    Ripe blackberry and cherry fruit, rich and full-bodied with good length. Perfect for recipes and stocking fillers!   Grahams Classic Port Selection contains 4 styles: Grahams Fine Ruby, Grahams LBV, Grahams Fine Tawny, Grahams Extra Dry White. Presented in a sturdy presentation Pack. Graham’s Late bottled Vintage port 2005/ 2006 is a port made up of grapes from a sing..
    £2.29 Ex Tax:£1.91
  • Grants Discovery Collection Blended 3x5cl 40%
    Grant's award winning flagship blend, first created in 1898 by William Grant and these days based around grain whisky from Grant's own Girvan distillery. The William Grant's Discovery Collection, contains three different Grant's blended Scotch whisky miniatures:  William Grant's Family Reserve - Scotland's oldest family owned blend. William Grant's Cask Edition No. 1 Ale Cask Fi..
    £15.95 Ex Tax:£13.29
  • Grey Goose Vodka 5cl
    Finest French Ingredients Naturally Superior Wheat and Water We begin by harvesting the highest-quality soft winter wheat from the rich, fertile farmlands in and around the Picardy region in the north of France. The whole wheat is then milled to a precise grade of flour before being fermented and distilled. The high-proof spirit then travels south to Gensac where it is blended with ..
    £4.99 Ex Tax:£4.16
  • Hendrick's Gin miniature 5cl 41.4%
    A superb, and utterly unique, pink-tinged gin from William Grant's. Infused with rose petals and cucumber as well as the normal botanicals, this is a must for all gin-lovers. In the Summertime, Hendrick's makes a fantastically refreshing Gin & Tonic: serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice and garnish with thinly-sliced cucumber - delicious! San Francisco World Spirits Compet..
    £4.99 Ex Tax:£4.16
  • Hennessy Very Special cognac miniature 5cl 40%
    The reference cognac the world over. Illustrating the consistency of the Hennessy style for more than a century, its fine balance between power and elegance has made it popular with millions of connoisseurs. Its versatility and strong character have the compelling appeal of something 'very special'.A bold yet harmonious blend reminiscent of robust spice and fruit flavours, punctuated by fru..
    £3.69 Ex Tax:£3.07
  • Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey Liqueur 5cl
    Tasting Notes: A mix of regular Old No 7 and a spiced honey liqueur, it’s got spice, sweetness, floral undertones and  a long smooth finish. Drink over ice, chilled or even as a hot whiskey – it’s rather tasty. Jack  Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a blend of Jack Daniel’s  Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur of our own making, for a taste  that’s one-of-a-kind ..
    £2.49 Ex Tax:£2.07
  • Jagermeister Liqueur Miniature 2cl / 35%
     A mini bottle of cult bitter liqueur Jagermeister. Made from 56 herbs, fruits, woods, barks and roots from all over the world: for example Cinnamom bark, Cloves, Ginger roots, Saffron and Coriander fruits... and of course, the secret herbs for the secret recipe developed bei Curt Mast in 1934. Straight and Ice cold! This is the classic way to drink Jagermeister. From the f..
    £1.99 Ex Tax:£1.66
  • Jagermeister Liqueur Miniature 4cl / 35%
      A mini bottle of cult bitter liqueur Jagermeister. Made from 56 herbs, fruits, woods, barks and roots from all over the world: for example Cinnamom bark, Cloves, Ginger roots, Saffron and Coriander fruits... and of course, the secret herbs for the secret recipe developed bei Curt Mast in 1934. Straight and Ice cold! This is the classic way to drink Jagermeis..
    £3.69 Ex Tax:£3.07
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old 5cl 40%
    The colour black has always been associated with style and elegance. The little black dress is always a sophisticated choice whereas the traditional tux can transform any man's appearance. But black is also intriguing. It has a hint of mystery, of something waiting to be revealed. This is Johnnie Walker Black Label - a deep and complex flavour which is also an unquestionable mark of power and r..
    £3.99 Ex Tax:£3.32
  • Ketel One Vodka Miniature 5cl 40%
    The Master Distiller uses a categorization called the 4Fs (Fragrance, Flavor, Feel & Finish) to define and highlight the characteristics of vodka in a clear language to help explain what makes Ketel One Vodka so unique. A meticulously-crafted vodka from a Dutch distillery that has remained a family business for ten generations since 1691. Introduced in the UK in 1999 after massive US su..
    £2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49