Paparuda Pinot Noir 75cl 12.5%

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Paparuda Pinot Noir 75cl

A beautifully delicate pale garnet color leads through to aromas of violets, dried cherries and hints of tobacco,juicy, light and berry file on the palate with a velvety finish.

From ancient times wine from Recas has stimulated and then satisfied the thirst of both mind and body. 

The first records of viticulture in the Banat region date back from the period of the Roman invasion of Dacia, in their century AD. Earlier legends tell of the god of wine Bacchus spending his childhood here. More recent history shows that the vineyard of Recas were already renowned by 1447 when the lord of Severin Mihail de Ciorna purchased the vineyards in Recas from Ioan and Ecaterina Magyar, for 32 Hungarian gold florins. 

From 1722 until 1786, Recas attracted waves of immigration from Schwaben region of Bavaria, and the partnership of Romanians and the Schwaben people completed the foundations for a wine legend-generous sunshine, hard working and skilled people and the exceptional qualities of the rich land.
From that day until present day, the blessing of the legendary gods of wine has continued to protect the destiny of the vineyards in Recas. 

The people here have not been satisfied to live on the glory of the past and have invested heavily in the last few years to transform tradition into outstanding wines, through state of the art technology. 

The result: excellent wines for connoisseurs, wines that truly reflect the spirit of Recas and fully complete those who choose them.

This Pinot Noir is very impressive - integrated, expressive and delicious with red fruits and a little earth on the finish.

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