Nikka All Malt 70cl

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A fascinating, blended Japanese whisky from Nikka made with malt from Yoichi and a combination of malt and Coffey Still whisky from Miyagikyou and - So this is really a vatted malt, or 'blended malt whisky' as we're supposed to call it these days.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: old gold with golden highlights.


Lively and mineral. Animal(leather and smoked meat) and lightly smoky (tobacco and ash). Develops along a theme of fresh gross and ripe fruit (apple).


Rich and delicious. After a burst of rich, liqueur-like softness which is at adds with the liveliness of the nose, ripe fruit (sultanas) notes develop alongside on increasing oiliness (sunflower oil).


Soft and liquoricy, with distinct notes of sandalwood and spices(clove), concentrated.



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