Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur 70cl 35% Vol

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   Tasting Notes:


Agave, cocoa, honey, a little dried herbal note and cold espresso.


Sweet black coffee, cedar, big tequila notes, peppery and spiced.


All about coffee and dark chocolate

Patrón Cafe

Patrón XO Café is a very tasty Mexican coffee liqueur from Jalisco. It is made with tequila and natural coffee essences. Best of all, it's not overtly sweet and is a more complex, flavoursome liqueur because of it.

Patron XO Café, is an exquisite blend of premium Patron Silver tequila and pure natural essence of the finest coffee, created in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico (an area renowned for its abilities to produce the finest tequila in the world). Patron XO Café has unique flavours of rich, dark freshly-roasted coffee with hints of vanilla, coffee and light tequila making it a more intense coffee tequila rather than standard sweet coffee liqueurs. The colour is a dark rich brown with an aroma of fresh coffee with notes of chocolate and vanilla. Patron XO Café is extremely versatile, excellent for sipping and the low sugars make it brilliant as a premium cocktail ingredient, or as a unique and delicious dessert topping.

A very good tequila based coffee liqueur from Patrón. This is made and blended entirely within Jalisco, Mexico, the finest tequila region in the country (and, by proxy, the world). This is made with natural coffee essence, and is more like a coffee flavoured tequila, than a liqueur, because it is not overtly sweet. The result is a far better product because of it, and the smaller amount of sugar results in a liqueur that can be used in cooking, and cocktails.

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