Ciroc Red Berry - French Flavoured Grape Vodka - 70cl - 37.5% ABV

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Much like the other Ciroc varieties, Ciroc Red Berry is made using the finest grapes from the Gaillac region of France that are left out in the sun longer than normal grapes for extended periods of ripening. The grapes are then cold fermented and distilled five times using a traditional copper pot still to ensure full smoothness from the vodka. It is then blended with all natural ingredients and infused with natural raspberry and strawberry flavours.
Keep Ciroc cool before drinking to appreciate the real smoothness from the Vodka.

The highly anticipated Ciroc Red Berry has finally hit the UK. This time Mr Diddy decided to infused his ultra smooth grape vodka with the moorish freshness of red berries, to create a vodka with an intense full flavour.

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