Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin 70cl

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Distilled from 100% Grain Neutral spirit from a 1761 recipe. Distilled in London with 70cl of liquid and 40% Vol! This Dry Gin is the result of mixing 10 carefully selected Botanical Ingredients:Angelica (root) from Saxony, Coriander (seeds from Morocco, Cassia Bark from Indo-China, Cubed Berries from Java, Grains of Paradise from west Africa, Almonds from Spain, lemon Peel from Spain, Liquorice from China, Juniper berries fromItaly, Orris (Iris root) fromItaly.

An  elegant gin,  the product of a painstakingly careful distillation using 10 botanicals to give this gin its rare complexity of flavours of juniper with hints of Parma Violets and spice on the finish.

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