St. Rémy French Honey Brandy Liqueur 70cl, 30%

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St. Rémy with French Honey is a sweet, comforting liqueur made with a blend of French brandy and natural honey from the South of France. Rich, floral and refined, it's a decadent treat for Summer evenings. It even combines well with popular mixers like ginger ale and cola to make lovely long drinks. St Remy French Honey is made from a base of their brandy and then blended with honey from southern France.

Remy Martin was founded in 1724 by the man Remy Martin. Cognac was first produced over a century later in 1830. The centaur on every bottle is an homage to the zodiac sign (Sagittarius) of the founder as well as "an alliance of man and nature." In modern times, their cognacs are made exclusively from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne regions. All aging is done exclusively in French Limousin Oak, which they feel lends greater intensity to the flavor.

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